Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Planner–And Why You Need Both!

Hey yall! Happy Tuesday–hope you are having a great start to your week! Today we are chatting about the difference between a venue coordinator, and a wedding planner & actually why you need both.


A venue coordinator is typically someone who works for or owns the venue exclusively. Their job is to ensure the venue performs at top notch abilities, things are clean, and anything related to the venue runs super smooth. If your venue includes catering as well, this could fall on their shoulders as well. Sometimes I have heard brides or have had other vendors tell me their brides have said “ well I have a venue coordinator, I don’t need a wedding planner”. Let me be clear–a great venue coordinator is critical to my success as a wedding planner. They need to be just on top of their game as I am on mine. They are an integral part of our vendor team for the wedding day. But I would encourage you to think about all the things a wedding planner provides that your venue coordinator probably does not do or wouldn’t be able to do on wedding day as they may be tending to other things. As a wedding planner, our alliance will always be with you—we will always be acting in your best interest & acting on your behalf. This may include insuring the set up is accurate, that vendors are loading in the correct items–your vendor coordinator won’t know what you ordered from your other vendors. If there is a crisis they need to tend to, and a crisis you may need them for or another vendor, who will tend to that if you don’t have a planner? More than likely it will be up to you solve. They are not going to create a master timeline for all your vendors to follow for the day. Again, they are going to have their own duties to worry about when it comes to their venue–being sure it is in tip top shape for your big day! A planner is going to connect you to vendors that we know fit your budget, style, personality and taste. We are going to stay on top of you on planning tasks and oversee the entire process. Again, a great venue coordinator is critical to my job but just a warning—a venue coordinator is not a replacement for a wedding planner or event coordinator for your big day!

Hopefully today you have learned not only do you need a great venue coordinator who is going to know ALL the ins and outs of your venue but also a great wedding planner that is going to be in your go to planning resource & naviagtor of all things planning.

Thanks for reading today friends! See you next time!


Rustic Elegant Chic Wedding at Park Crest Event Facility

Rustic Elegant Chic Wedding at Park Crest Event Facility

Meredith & Dan

I am geeking out over sharing this wedding with you. Meredith & Dan are one of the sweetest couples I have had the chance to work with. Meredith’s parents lived out of town so we did some planning from afar with them. Meredith and her mother Sheila, knew that they would need full wedding planning with Meredith completing her college degree and Sheila being in Atlanta. We hit it off right away and knew we would be the team to make Meredith & Dan’s wedding dreams happen.

Meredith & Dan love the outdoors and wanted a rustic feel with elements that were reflective of their taste but still keeping it elegant and refined. We decided on a buffet style dinner for the guests, with varying table sizes & types to give the room lots of interest. Once we began working with Jacki from Salt & Paperie, we knew that the monogram Jacki would create would become the focus of our design elements. Basically like Reese Witherspoon says, if its not moving, monogram it! From the favor, to welcome boxes, to cups & napkins, we made sure their wreath monogram design was proudly displayed everywhere.

With Meredith & Dan we worked with them on design, production in organizing, researching, and gathering vendor information & communicating with them, managing budgets, payments & deadlines, hotels, stationery design and timeline, welcome bag design, assembly, delivery, transportation, site visits, rental management, timelines & logistics and of course running the big day. It was a great event, full of love, laughter, and maybe the chillest/easiest going Bride & Groom I have ever seen. Meredith & Dan, we are so lucky to have been a part of your love story & wedding day. We love you guys!

Creative Vendor Partners aka ROCK STARS who made this day a dream:

Venue & Catering Park Crest Event Facility

Photography Eric & Jamie Photography

Videography Crooked Tree Productions

Floral CeCe Designs

Cake Cakes by Kim

Linens BBJ Linen Company

Rentals Special Events Company

Pipe & Drape & Photo Booth On Site Productions

DJ Dijital Entertainment

Hair Rawwbeauty

Makeup Porcelain & Pink 

Ashley & Aaron: Engagement

Ashley & Aaron: Engagement

Ashley & Aaron’s wedding week is here! We couldn’t be more excited to get these two down the aisle this weekend. Ashley & her mom have become close friends of the Create Studio. This is our second Create Studio Bride so over here at Create we are all abuzz getting ready for the big weekend!

We love seeing our couples stories unfold over the planning time together & getting to know them so well. A big thank you to AL Weddings for the photos & Rawwbeauty for Ashley’s Hair & Makeup

A day in the life of a wedding planner

A day in the life of a wedding planner

A Day in the Life of Your Wedding Planner


So I get asked this alot (including by my husband and family) “so what do you do all day?” I wish it was just netlfix and chill all day long in my pjs but the fact is alot goes into running a business, especially a wedding planning business. We normally take 20-25 clients a year. For us, that is what we feel we can do and serve our clients with the experience we want to deliver. So normally we have at least one wedding a month but depends on the time of year–April-June and September-November tend to be our busier times. I also wish my life looked as glamours as J.Lo made it seem in “The Wedding Planner” but sadly McConHottie isn’t knocking at my door. BUT my job is awesome and my days can be really fun! We help make a once in a lifetime day happen for people–it is pretty cool.

So I thought I would share what an average day looks like(schedule taken right out of my She Plans Planner)


Photo: J.Woodbery Photography

7am wake up–full disclosure I normally scroll on my phone for a few

7:30am Workout

8am feed pups, get ready, put meal together

9am Head out the door

9:30am Check email

10am Create Studio partners meeting

12pm Facebook Live

12:30pm Meeting

1pm Client to dos–this is block time I schedule for completing client tasks–I do this every day depending on the amount of things we need to accomplish the block can be longer or shorter. Some days the entire day is devoted to client tasks, others I might not have as much to get done.

4pm Afternoon email check

5pm Head Home

6pm Make dinner, play with dogs, feed dogs, talk to husband (ya know he’s pretty important 😉

7pm Volunteer work to dos

8pm Pick up, laundry, get ready for the next day
Some days I do get to stay in PJS or yoga pants which is awesome. Some days I am working on the content you read here, researching new ideas for clients, sourcing items for clients, running errands, boring accounting stuff, learning about business and a billion other things. My days are full but so is my heart. I hope this gives you a little insight into what a day in the life is like!


Photo: Eric & Jamie Photography