The Difference Between a Wedding Designer, Florist & Decorator

The Difference Between a Wedding Designer, Florist & Decorator

What is the difference between a wedding designer, florist and decorator & the questions you need to be asking!


Many times potential clients & clients get confused and overwhelmed by the number of terms people use to describe their professions & then the lines get blurred as to who is doing what. Today we’re going to chat about what all these people do & the questions you need to be asking.


Designer: A designer, specifically wedding designer, might also be a planner, and/or florist. Typically a designer is overseeing the entire overall look & vision for the wedding. Think interior designer for weddings. They will source all the the rental items you need for your event to ensure the continuity of your event. They may charge for those rental items under their own company or send the invoices directly from the various sub contractors. They may also have their own production staff for set up and break down depending on if they are responsible for the rental items or the independent contractors.

Florists: A florist is going to handle all things floral of course! Their main focus is going to be the design and look of your flowers. However they will probably ask you questions like about bridesmaids dresses, if you have linens chosen, and maybe your stationery choices to see the overall vision of the event. A florist might offer design services as well.

Decorator: This is a term I hear sometimes when people are inquiring about our services. Typically people are looking for a decorator or stylist when they have purchased the items themselves for their event like signage, centerpieces, linens and other decorative items but don’t want themselves or family and friends to be responsible for physically putting the items out. This may be something your florist or planner is willing to do for you as well so be sure to discuss with them the clear expectations of who will be doing what on the day of.


I hope this helps break down these terms for you. Now that you know what these various roles can be, I wanted to share with you some important questions to ask your florist while you are working to book your vendor team. As your wedding planner, we know these questions and what to look for but if you are booking vendors on your own, this will help!


You can find all of our florist questions here! Remember this doesn’t have to be an interrogation style tactic to get these questions answered but be sure they are covered in your consultation, proposal and/or contract to ensure the services you need & want will be met.

Airy, Garden Chic Wedding: Kendal + Jesse

Airy, Garden Chic Wedding: Kendal + Jesse

Well this is one special and cherished wedding for us—because it is our very own planner Kendal’s wedding! Kendal is like my little sister–she has been with me since her senior year of college. I have watched her grow into this smart, confident, God fearing woman and to have watched her and Jesse’s relationship has been a joy. They couldn’t be cuter as they actually dated in high school, lost touch, reconnected and just knew it from the beginning they were meant to be! What one lacks, the other has, they are yin and yang. Kendal wanted an airy, garden look to her wedding day full of light blush tones, ivory, and greenery. Kendal & Jesse wanted a weekend away experience for their guests where they could all be together so the Stone Bridge Farm venue in Cullman was the perfect background for their big day. Kendal was seriously meant to be a bride. I mean she was a vision as you can see. Their excitement & joy to be husband and wife could be felt all day long. We ended the day in the best way I know how a fireworks show & a send off in an adorable antique firetruck as a nod to Jesse’s profession. Kendal & Jess, yall are my heart. I love you both so much. I love you both for believing in me and our company enough to have Kendal join us as a full time planner. Your faith in me, each other, and our little biz just means the world. I am so thrilled to call you my friends, my family but husband and wife sounds the best 😉


Vendor friends:

Summer Makeup Interview with Rawwbeauty

Summer Makeup Interview with Rawwbeauty

Hey Friends!

Today on the blog we are sharing our interview with Jackie from Rawwbeauty and her tips for keeping you summer makeup fresh all wedding long! Grab Jackies 2 bonus tips by downloading our summer e-book here!

1.What is the number one mistake you see brides or clients making when it comes to hair and makeup in the summer months?

Mostly with hair I see brides wanting all down and curls in the dead middle of summer. It is so hot and humid here that most curls will fall out. If you want to wear your hair down and curled I would invest in some extensions. Also, having layers in your hair helps to hold curl better than all one length hair.

2. What do you recommend for summer months that is different from cooler months?

I think in summer months it helps to wear a fresher, natural makeup look. If you tend to wear a lot of foundation no matter how long wearing it is it will eventually come off as you sweat and touch your face. Unless you have problem skin I like it when it is more natural and the natural skin shines through, especially freckles. With the hair, I would have it up and swept off the face and neck to keep you cooler through the day.


Do you change your products or routine at all?

Yes, I do have certain products I like to use throughout the day that help to make the products last longer especially in the summer months. I use products that help mattify the skin and help the makeup stay on longer. In winter months I like to have more moisturizing products and highlighters to keep the skin looking dewy and fresh.

Jackie Headshot

Thanks for sharing with our readers Jackie! To grab Jackie’s two bonus tips be sure to grab our summer weddings e-book with all summer wedding planning tips, tricks and ideas for you! Check it out here

Top 10 Things Brides Forget For Wedding Day

Top 10 Things Brides Forget For Wedding Day

Hey yall! Today we are chatting about the top 10 things brides forget for wedding day and we want to be sure you don’t make those same mistakes. We see clients leave things to the very end that could be taken care of so much sooner. Watch the video above and then grab your own little workbook & checklist here!


Thanks for watching friends!

Create Studio: Our Office & Studio Partners

Create Studio: Our Office & Studio Partners

So a question myself and my studio friends have gotten is why did you start this studio? Do you only refer each other? How does this whole thing work?

I love telling the Create story and how this came to be. Basically about two years ago CeCe with CeCe Designs and I were talking about getting a space together because we were both needing new meeting space and she was needing work space as well. At the time we got to know Jared with OSP, and he was outgrowing his space and was in need as well. We were all working together regularly anyways and felt this would be a great partnership. The space we found had two additional offices and it worked out that AL Weddings & Cakes by Kim joined us as well.

In reality the space really started because we all just needed more space for our own businesses and let’s be real–biz ownership is a lonely world so how fun to have people you like down the hall!

Something we all get asked or hear often is that we only refer each other because we are in the studio. That actually couldn’t be farther from the truth. While we all love working together, because who doesn’t love working with their friends, but guess what?! In our market we are so blessed with amazing, talented wedding professionals and you know what we are all not the fit for every client–as a planner, I fully believe that personality, budget, style & taste are critical when referring our clients to other professionals. It is like playing match maker for each of our clients and not everyone in our studio is the right fit for every client. The reality is that every one of our studio partners might not be the best fit for every bride. We have actually only done two weddings where the entire studio was apart of it in the year and half we have been open. Our vendor referral list is full of other wedding professionals we love and adore & are amazing at their craft. Vendors we refer are mainly because they do great work and working with them is effortless. The reality is other vendors who are not in a collaborative space like we are—are in fact referring the same vendors in a similar fashion that we do–they just don’t share a building space. This is normal in the wedding industry–people find their people, their Christina to their Meredith if you are a Greys Anatomy fan. It is natural in a creative industry to find people that think, work, and share the same ideal client as you do so naturally you refer those vendors business.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about our studio space and how it all works!