Top 5 things to do once you are engaged

Top 5 things to do once you are engaged

It is engagement season! We are so excited for new brides to be starting that engagement journey but my bet is that you feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to start. Hence the title of today’s video! So here we go top 5 things to do once you are engaged–

  1. Enjoy a couple weeks of just being engaged! It is a special time and one that is precious so just enjoy a few weeks of this new part of your relationship.
  2. First things first, is discuss budget and guest list. These are the two hardest topics but budget will determine the number of guests you can invite. Have these conversations with each other and parents to ultimately decide on some numbers.
  3. Get your venue booked! Decide what is most important to you in a venue: can you bring your own alcohol, how many rental items are included like tables and chairs, can you do ceremony & reception at the same property, what catering company do you have to use there? Lock in a location and a date first.
  4. Book your wedding planner. Book your planner after you have booked your venue. Having a venue helps us have a vision of what you are looking for and the parameters we can create in. Booking your wedding planner now will allow you to get vendor referrals and recommendations so you are building a great vendor team.
  5. Dress time! Start shopping for THE dress. Remember it can take 6-8 months for your dress to even come in so get shopping once you have a venue because that will help with what style you should go with.

Hopefully these couple tips will help you get started in the right direction!

How to Prep for Wedding Vendor Meetings

How to Prep for Wedding Vendor Meetings

Hey y’all! Today’s video is all about How to Prep for Wedding Vendor Meetings! We know it is engagement season so you will probably be meeting and greeting with vendors soon. It sort of feels like speed dating for your wedding! There are few things we want you to do to get ready for these meetings. As a wedding planner, there are even things I do before we schedule meetings with vendors for clients. Watch this video so ya know what to do!


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Tips for selecting your wedding venue

Tips for selecting your wedding venue

Hey friends! Today’s wedding planning tip video is all about selecting your wedding venue. Typically, brides will have their venue booked before they come to us which is just fine but to help you avoid some pitfalls in venue selection I wanted to be sure to share these tips with you!

We are lucky here in Birmingham, Alabama there are many wedding venues to pick from. Sometimes that can be overwhelming to brides especially if they don’t know what they really want & can make wedding planning feel hard to even get started. Remember, your venue location is going to set the tone, mood and feel for you entire event.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Would you like a more formal wedding or casual wedding? What type of vibe does the venue you are looking at give off? Will that be easy to communicate in your invitation and other decor ideas?
  2. What time of day will your wedding be and is there any natural light in the building? If you have your heart set on sunset ceremony time but you are in a hotel ballroom–well guess what you can’t see the sunset more than likely.
  3. How many rental items are included with your venue like tables and chairs? Will this be enough to accommodate your guests or will you need to rent more?
  4. How many people can the space hold? Is that realistic in relation to your guest list? I have had so many clients book a venue, then over invite and then guests are crammed into a space that is too small and they are uncomfortable. Don’t make this mistake!
  5. What vendors do you have to use at that venue? Be wary of “all inclusive” properties. I believe that we should do one thing and do one thing well.

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Why you should hire a wedding planner

Why you should hire a wedding planner

Hello friends!

It is video day here on the blog! Today on I do, I do! TV we are chatting about why you need a wedding planner!

Sometimes I hear, why would someone need a wedding planner? Or can’t I just do all of that on my own? Well I am here to tell you why you need to hire a wedding planner! I find most of our clients are busy professionals. They just simply don’t have all the time that is needed to research, set up meetings, vet vendors, pull ideas together, and execute them the way they would like. That’s why they call in us to do all of that for them. This allows clients to enjoy the engagement season and being a bride. Yes you will still have choices to make, yes there will still be things for you to do but hopefully your planner is there to take the heavy lifting off of you.

For some, Wedding Day Management is enough of a service because they have a little more time to devote to planning but want to be sure someone is going to be there on wedding day to make it all happen. This is a once in a lifetime day–the only time where all these special people from different walks of your life will be together, so you should get to enjoy it right?! Hiring a planner will let you do that.

Wedding Planners can help you from making costly mistakes saving you time and money.

There is alot of paperwork to keep up with during the planning process and your wedding planner will keep up with that, as well as deadlines and payment dates. Towards the end, it gets to be alot!

I maintain that every bride needs a non emotionally involved third party. Sometimes I play advocate, referee, peace maker, and family therapist. There are ALOT of emotions at play when it comes to a wedding between many people and navigating those while having to make decisions, especially ones that involve money, can be hard. Your planner is there to help you navigate those waters.

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Sydney & Josh’s Classic Birmingham Wedding

Sydney & Josh’s Classic Birmingham Wedding

Sydney & Josh

Where do I even begin talking about this sweet couple?? Sydney had our full wedding planning service so we were together & talking alot! Syd and Josh live in Texas so we were doing some distance planning for this Birmingham, Alabama bride. Her mom & I would go to appointments on her behalf(like tastings–yum!), and then facetime her later to tell her all about it. Sydney wasn’t just a client, she has become my dear friend. These two got married over 4th of July weekend. This is a special weekend in Sydney’s family as normally they all gather at the lake for a family reunion and 4th of July fun. Being at The Club, we were able to see several fireworks shows and of course what 4th of July wedding is complete without an American Flag send off! One of the most fun parts about this wedding for me was that the band, Brother 2 Brother, was my wedding band! It was fun to reminisce that night about my own wedding while celebrating these two newlyweds. My favorite detail of the day was 4 bibles that all belonged to grandparents & the Bible our pastor read from belonged to Sydney’s grandparents. I love personal, special details like that in wedding day that tell a family’s history and traditions. Sydney & Josh, it was my pleasure walking you through the design stages, getting your vendors booked, helping you plan from afar and bringing it all together on the day of. Y’all are dream clients and I just adore you! Thank you to our amazing vendor team for making it all happen!


Reception Venue: The Club

Photography: Jett Walker Photography

Floral Design: CeCe Designs

Bride & Groom’s Cake: Cakes by Kim

Lighting: On Site Productions

Band: Brother 2 Brother from Music Garden

Transportation: Steel City Transportation

H&MU: Hannah Nell