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Crazy Wedding Superstitions

Do you believe that if you see a lizard running across the road on your wedding day, that you will never have a child? Have you heard that if a single woman sleeps with a piece of wedding cake under her pillow, she will dream of her future husband?

These are just two of many crazy wedding day superstitions that have been floating around since your grandmother was a baby. But, no matter how silly they sound, superstitions have actually been around for centuries, and they originated at different times and in different places, when people have tried to explain mysterious events or happenings.

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Trolling for Gifts?

I recently heard from an MOB that was concerned about sending invitations to guests that she knew would not be able come to the wedding. She writes, “As you often advise, we started planning the celebration with a budget discussion. We are willing to spend an amount of money on the celebration that is rational for our income and does not alter our long-term retirement plans.

Because our daughter is in her late twenties and lives on her own, and because she met her fiancé in the distant city where she works, and because that city is about equidistant between the families, we agree that the couple’s new hometown is a good location for the wedding. We have loads of friends and family we want to include in the celebration, but we wouldn’t expect very many of them to make an 1,800-mile round-trip.” Continue reading

Karen and Tony’s Contemporary & Sophisticated Wedding

Karen and Tony are a wonderful, warm, family oriented couple, despite their high powered jobs in Washington D.C. Planning the wedding long distance was a challenge for detail oriented Karen, but with the help of her mom, we put together exactly what Bride envisioned. Continue reading

Finding the right wedding photographer

Have you been tempted to let your uncle or your sister’s best friend take your photos? It sounds appealing when they say they will shoot your whole wedding for free and give you a disc of all your images, doesn’t it?


And, they might even have some “qualifications”, having taken photos at another friend’s wedding or possibly even work in a field where they shoot commercial photos. But I have to caution you, if photography is important to you, this may not be the best decision for your wedding. Continue reading

Jenna & Mark’s Celebration of Love!

Mark and Jenna had one of those weddings that stay on your mind a long time. Not only was the bride gorgeous and the groom handsome, but this was truly a celebration of love. And what a celebration it was. We worked for almost a year on the design and décor with Jill Sampson, who took our ideas and brought them to life.


After an amazing ceremony, everyone had a blast dancing to the Atlanta Showstoppers, enjoying a fireworks show, and eating that fabulous cake!


Thanks to our wonderful team who truly outdid themselves: Studio G Photography, floral by Jill Sampson, AG Lighting, Cake by Jan O’Donnell, Main Street Video, and a fabulous staff at The Club!

Jenna & Mark | The Highlights from Main Street Productions on Vimeo.

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Groomsmen can be zillas too!

Lately I have posted about bridezillas and bridesmaids, but I rarely write about groomsmen. It seems that they are not that interesting, and not much drama surrounds them. Generally, they are friends and family of the groom, and are well-behaved professionals.


I have been reminded in the past few months that groomsmen can in fact be very juicy fodder for discussion. Take for instance a wedding I did several months ago. The groom was a very well to do businessman, and as such I assumed his groomsmen would be the same… Continue reading